So who qualifies for a medical exemption from the vaccine?
Sadly, we are most likely UNDER-COUNTING Covid-19 deaths.
What is the difference between endemic and pandemic disease? Is there any truth to the idea of moving to endemic disease?
It’s a subtle difference, but we'll help you unpack it.
A: This is a confusing statistic, for sure. This number is actually good news and reflects the really high vaccine coverage of the older population in …
A recent CDC outbreak investigation found that an unvaccinated teacher infected twelve elementary school students out of a class of 24 students in Cali…
Yes! See below for a curated list.
HEPA filtration units are one good option.
We don’t know for sure, but the best available existing data does not support its use to treat or prevent COVID-19. Lots of studies are ongoing and may…
We know this is a HOT topic among parents sending their kids back to school right now!
Delta and a fourth wave of COVID-19 was not the plan. In this unfortunate reality, focus and flexibility will go a long way.
Yes. A well-fitted mask can provide good protection for the wearer (though two-sided masking remains most effective).