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I notice I am feeling a little more down or blue at this time of the year. What should I do?
There are tons of myths and misconceptions out there about the flu shot. Time to break some of them down and set the record straight!
A: If you’re in the United States, chances are, yes! As long as it’s been two months since your last shot, you’re due for the updated booster now.
A: In the U.S., people 12 + years old can get the updated bivalent booster 2 months after they received the last dose in the primary series or a dose of…
“Why is the current breast feeding recommendation at least 2 years? I feel like this puts a lot of pressure on moms (in a world that has enough ongoing…
Yes, you can safely skip periods on hormonal birth control.
TL; DR: There are steps that all of us can take to raise awareness around suicide, to help someone who is struggling, and to intervene when there is a…
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